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Chocolate and orange nougat with black truffle

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Chocolate and caramelized orange nougat with black truffle (tuber melanosporum)

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Artisan nougat made by Noir et Blanc®. Three magical ingredients, dark chocolate, caramelized orange and homemade black truffle (tuber melanosporum) give shape to a delicatessen nougat created to savor Christmas.

The artisan chocolate and caramelized orange nougat with black truffle is exquisitely magical.


140g vacuum packed nougat bar

Nutritional information

Energy value: 44Kcal/2276KJ / Fats: 44.24 / Of which saturated: 22.85 / Carbohydrates: 29.42 / Of which sugars: 27.23 / Proteins: 4.93 / Salt: 0.08



Store in a cool, dry place. Once opened, it must be kept in the fridge.

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