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Dried penny bun

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Selected, laminated and dehydrated penny bun

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Selected, laminated and dehydrated penny bun. Noir et Blanc® Sélection offers top quality dehydrated and powdered mushrooms.

Noir et Blanc® proposal: Pasta with penny buns.


Paper bag with different sizes to choose from

Nutritional information

Energy value: 168.92Kcal/707.23KJ / Fats: 2.7 / Of which saturated: 0.68 / Carbohydrates: 25 / Of which sugars: 0.68 / Proteins: 11.49 / Salt: 0.34


Dehydrated boletus edulis


Store in a cool place.

Preparation tip:

To moisturize it, soak with water for 60 minutes, drain and use as a fresh product.

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