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Sharing happiness, the purpose of Noir et Blanc®

Noir et Blanc® is about gastronomy and beauty, but also about family, love and commitment. The union of these concepts creates both our purpose, sharing happiness, and our solidarity project, Smile. At Noir et Blanc® we are aware that our contribution can only be modest, but we will not stop doing our best to share happiness. It is our contribution. It is our great purpose.

Rire, thirty artisan honey and black truffle candies

Noir et Blanc® Smile first product

Rire is Noir et Blanc® first solidarity product. Rire is made up of thirty candies, handmade with honey and black truffle (tuber melanosporum). Each Rire candy of Noir et Blanc® merges the intensity of the self-collected black truffle (tuber melanosporum) with the natural sweetness of honey in order to share happiness. Rire is made up of thirty honey and black truffle candies (tuber melanosporum) that are intended to share smiles. Rire stands for well-being, forest, nature and solidarity.

Smiles for the SJD Pediatric Cancer Center Barcelona

Noir et Blanc® 2019 purpose

In 2019, Rire’s purpose is to raise funds for the Sant Joan de Déu (SJD) Pediatric Cancer Center Barcelona. The profits obtained thanks to the sale of each Rire jar (€2/jar), will go entirely to Sant Joan de Déu (SJD) Pediatric Cancer Center Barcelona. This center, which has already started to be created by Sant Joan de Déu Hospital, is expected to be the largest children’s cancer center in Europe, with a capacity to serve 400 new patients every year. As stated by the Hospital, the center will increase the ability to cure childhood cancer, reduce the sequelae, get new treatments, offer a comprehensive and personalized care and make a center that welcomes children from other countries that cannot be treated for economic reasons. At Noir et Blanc®, we are working to bring smiles to humanity.

Rire, sharing smiles

Share your smile with us!

Rire is about sharing smiles, flying smiles, kind smiles, friendly smiles, family smiles, catchy smiles, jumping smiles, complicit smiles, sweet smiles, tender smiles, amazing smiles. Rire is your smile. Share your smile with us!

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